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Personalized consultation on OQ requirements as well as creating an effective plan that follows all local, state and federal laws.


  • Initial and/or refresher training on the common covered tasks (CCTs) and abnormal operating conditions (AOCs) to prepare candidates to meet all criteria to successfully pass OQ evaluations.

  • Company-specific procedure training for several larger companies, such as PG&E. This training will prepare candidates to pass the PG&E tests, which must be proctored by a qualified evaluator.

  • IVES Training and certification on all classes of forklifts and aerial lifts as required by OSHA regulation.

Veriforce Operator Qualification Training and Evaluations

Delivered by Veriforce regulatory experts, attendees learn the core principles of CFR Title 49 Parts 191, 192, 195, and 199 and how to apply them to establish a defensible compliance program.

Industrial Training Services OQ Training and Evaluations

Receive the highest quality instructor-led materials and e-Learning courses that meet safety, regulatory, and qualification standards for the pipeline industry as per CFR Title 49 Parts 192 and 195. ITS is a PG&E approved OQ compliance management provider.

First Aid Certification

CPR, AED and other first aid training and certification needed to stay safe on the job.

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