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O2 Engineering partners with Industrial Training Services (ITS)

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

O2 Engineering is now an approved provider for Industrial Training Services (ITS) for 192 and 195 as trainers, evaluators and exam proctors. We are looking forward to the ease-of-process ITS delivers with their OnBoard® Learning Management System. Some of the many highlights of this partnership include:

  • The ability to conduct digital evaluations from computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones

  • eWallet identification cards with real-time OQ updating

  • The ability to utilize ITS as a system of record and import records from multiple systems

  • The ability to confirm identity via the student's photo as an additional layer of I.D.

  • In-depth and extensive training libraries

O2 Engineering is very excited to nurture this relationship with ITS.


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